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December 2, 2008

Bone contusions – are they really fractures?

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With the advent of MRI, we now have a new category of bone injury called a bone contusion (also called bone swelling).  Is a bone contusion really a fracture?  I think so, but thus far, we don’t really have the vocabulary in the literature to call a bone contusion a fracture.  Let me explain…

A contusion is a tern usually applied to soft tissue injuries that involve numerous structures.  A contusion may involve nerve, subcutaneous tissue, tendon, etc.  When we use the term contusion and refer to a bone injury, we’re describing a crush injury to the bone.  Bone is usually made of a hard, outer surface with a softer, spongy inner surface.  That softer, spongy surface acts as a shock absorber, absorbing load.  But with a contusion, the hard, outer bone and the softer inner bone is crushed.

This is a hard injury for the bone to heal.  And often, a hard choice for surgeons to try to rebuild.  We drill it, graft it.  But in most cases, the idea is to restore the bone to its’ normal load bearing structure.

So is a bone contusion really a fracture?  I think so.  Any thoughts?

Jeffrey Oster, DPM
Medical Director



  1. Dude… i have a bad bone contusion on my left knee and i can not recall the specific time it occured. All i know is that it happened in the middle of october and its now the middle of december and my knee is getting worse… What do i need to do for this injury to heal?!

    Comment by David — December 19, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

  2. David,

    Healing is going to vary based upon a number of unique issue. For instance, the overall health of the patient, smoker vs non smoker, the depth of the contusion….lots of variables. It’s not that nothing can be done, it’s just that each case is going to be unique.


    Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — December 21, 2008 @ 9:35 pm

  3. My MRI says I have a bone marrow contusion and Fx 2nd, 4th, and 5th toes. The problem is, the Fx’s happened almost 6 weeks ago and I am still having foot pain and immobility in the toes. I have been seeing a podiatrist since the injury who has done nothing but medicate me and (two days ago) order an MRI. What is this “marrow contusion” and should I be looking for a new doctor? Thanks!

    Comment by Steph — January 5, 2009 @ 5:29 am

    • Hey Steph,
      No, but it sounds like your doc might have explained the MRI findings a bit better for you. Six weeks isn’t really all that long in terms of the whole healing process. If you get 3-5 months out and your still having pain, then I’d be concerned.

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — January 5, 2009 @ 7:18 am

  4. Jeff,
    My 14 year old was diagnosed with a bone contusion involving catrlidge in September. His injury came with very little physical reason. His knee will still swell on occasion if he has been active, especially jumping. It has been 5 months should I get a second opinion? He has also had a history of condromas that had to be removed from his other leg. Is their any way his difficulties could be connected?

    Comment by Vicki — January 13, 2009 @ 3:48 am

    • Hi Vicki,

      It’s hard to comment on your son’s case in that my area of expertise is the foot and ankle. But I do agree that to a certain degree, a bone contusion is a contusion regardless of where it occurs.

      I think there’s two important studies that need to be done that have yet to appear in the literature. The first would be a grading of bone contusions. There’s a few that are site specific. For instance, we have two grading scales for what are called OCD’s or osteochondral defects in the ankle (Berndt and Hardy is the one I use most often). OCD’s are a form of bone contusion. But in terms of a generalized paper on bone contusions, I’ve not seen one in the literature.

      The second paper would be a study that draws a relationship between the size and depth of the contusion (and perhaps other objective findings of the contusion) and the rate of healing. The thing that’ll be tough about that paper is that there’s going to be variation in healing caused by age, smoking, general health status, etc. So that study, if done well is going to be a big, comprehensive study.

      I don’t know if that helps you much in terms of your son’s case, but I think what you need to know is that in terms of defining a prognosis for your son, that might be tougher than you think. And that’s merely due to the fact that we in medical science might not have the answers yet for you.


      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — January 14, 2009 @ 12:58 am

  5. Dear Doctor Oster:

    I had an MRI and it found that I have a large talar bone contusion with a grade 2 sprain of the lateral ligaments, no fracture. The thing is it’s been almost three months and I still can’t put any weight down on my foot without experiencing a burning sensation within a few mintues, and my foot and ankle swell to the same size as my knee. I’m a active healthy young adult non-smoker. Is this normal?

    Comment by Laura — January 23, 2009 @ 3:08 am

    • Maybe? You have to think of a bone contusion as a somewhat complicated form of fracture. And it really can take quite some time to heal (upwards of 12-18 months). What’s the plan at this point? Are you limited in your activities by your doc? Any brace or support?


      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — January 25, 2009 @ 9:53 pm

  6. My knee went through the slats of an old swinging bridge on a mission trip in November. I was not able to get medical attention at the time, but a week later went to the doctor, had an MRI and was told I had a severe bone contusion on my left knee. I was told to be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. I had no feeling in my knee for several weeks. Now I have intermittant pain and my knee becomes numb late in the day just like when it was injured. The orthopod told me to come back if there were additional problems. Should I be worried? He said it could take up to 12 months to heal (it’s been 2.5 months) and I don’t know at what point I should see the doc again. I wear a slip on compression brace during the day which keeps it from hurting, but don’t know if that’s adding to the numbness. Any advice? I’ve heard some people talk about oseteonecrosis–is that an issue and at what point should I be concerned about that?

    Comment by Judy — February 6, 2009 @ 10:39 pm

    • Hi Judy,
      My area of expertise is the foot and ankle. So I’m a bit limited in what I can comment on. But I think we’re safe to assume that cartilage is cartilage, regardless of which joint that is injured. The mechanism of injury may be different, but the injury none-the-less is going to be much the same. And to specifically answer your question, i think your doc is on target with the healing. Up to 12 months is not out of bounds for a bone contusion.

      You might want to take a peek at our article on osteochondral defects (OCD’s) of the ankle. Again, different joint, but the injury and healing of OCD’s is going to be the same regardless of location.


      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — February 6, 2009 @ 11:02 pm

  7. Hi, I had a pretty bad fall and landed on my left heel. X-Rays were taken and the Dr. said there were no fractures but it was just a deep heel contusion.

    My question is, what else can I be doing in terms of treatment? It’s been two weeks and the heel is not any better at all, it hurts like hell, cannot put pressure down on it and the pain is not limited to just the bottom of the heel, but also the sides, like it’s completely inflamed.

    The doc pretty much gave me painkillers and crutches and said to take it easy, which I have, but how long does it realistically take for a heel to heal? Any advice is appreciated.

    Comment by Andrew — February 19, 2009 @ 10:47 pm

    • Hi Andrew,

      I’m limited in my ability to discuss clinical problems like your fall in our blog (medical legal issues). But if you jump into our forum, I can help you out there. Wander over to and we can talk a bit there.

      Jeffrey Oster, DPM
      Medical Director

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — February 20, 2009 @ 2:07 am

  8. i have a bone cotusion in my left foot and im doing physical therapy. but i hurt it 3 weeks ago. and it still hurts what should i do?

    Comment by olyvia — March 10, 2009 @ 4:01 am

    • Hi Olyvia,

      3 weeks is really early on in the overall healing for a bone contusion. At 3 months, you ought to still expect some degree of pain. And remember, the healing rate for bone contusions varies based upon a number of factors including the general health of the patient, smoker/non-smoker, depth of the contusion, overall size of the contusion and the joint and location of the contusion.

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — March 10, 2009 @ 11:10 pm

  9. My 2 and half year old son fell from cot and started limping. We took him to a orthopedist and he said that my kid has a bone contusion on one of the bones in the foot. He suggested rest, but my son will keep walking, running around, falls several times, how much ever we try to control him. And all the time he walks he is actually limping heavily, with a tilt on the foot (because of which we are worried about his walk posture long term). Is there something we need to do to recover fast? Everyday, couple of times, we put ice cubes pack on his foot… is that ok or should we increase it further? Please advise.

    Comment by Shashi — March 10, 2009 @ 11:31 pm

    • How long ago was the fall, Shashi?

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — March 11, 2009 @ 1:22 am

  10. The fall was about a week ago, to be precise, it was last Monday (March 1st).

    Comment by Shashi — March 11, 2009 @ 5:58 am

  11. That’s really quite early in the healing process, Shashi. I’d give it a few months before I’d get concerned about it. It’s going to take some time.

    Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — March 11, 2009 @ 6:56 am

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for the response. It definitely gave me some relief.

    So, is it okay if he falls down once in a while because he tries to walk or run? And will the walking posture will get right after the healing? You might say I am over-worried, but given that he is only 2-1/2 yrs, I am bit concerned about it.

    Comment by Shashi — March 11, 2009 @ 9:47 am

    • He should do fine in time. You have to remember that a bone contusion is a form of fracture but is managed a bit differently than what we might be familiar with. Bone contusions don’t necessarily need a splint or cast. But they’ll take just as long (or longer) to heal. So if your son isn’t doing better after 3 months, I’d get back into the doc for a check-up.

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — March 11, 2009 @ 6:51 pm

  13. My 8 year old fell over her little brothers cart with blocks in nearly 4 weeks ago,It was a sore fall but not huge. No swelling or brusing bit lots of pain. She did gymnastic and tennis the couple of days following and was in severe pain, which only ice helped. She was x-rayed, no fracture. She was put in a wrap for 2 weeks with no activity. No improvement – especially after any sort of basic activity. MRI showed scattered areas of bone marrow edema in talar bone, calcaneus and tarsal bones most compatible with multifocal bone contusions. Cystic fluid 5mm by tarsal and another 9mm one by tibiotalar joint. Treatment so far been advised as 4-6 weeks in fracture boot – 3 weeks PT 3x week. Does this sound right and is this painful – It is hard to know when it is a child.

    Comment by Mands — March 12, 2009 @ 5:59 am

    • Hi,

      That does sound about right. One thing in your favor is your daughter’s age. At 8 y/o she ought to heal up much more quickly than you or I. But the variables are (1) location, (2) size of contusion and (3) depth of the contusion. And in trauma, you just never really know how to weigh each of those variables.

      It does sound like you’re doing all of the right things. Perhaps a a bit of ice now and again and an elastic wrap directly on the skin would help too.

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — March 12, 2009 @ 5:51 pm

  14. I was just told that I have bone swelling and cartilage fissuring in my knee. Could you please explain to me what this means?

    Comment by Erin — March 20, 2009 @ 10:22 pm

    • Hi Erin,

      I’m not a knee guy, but if I saw that kind of report in the ankle I would assume that there was either a) and injury with focal bone contusion or b) early arthritis with an associated bone cyst. Cystic change of the bone is very common with arthritis.

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — March 21, 2009 @ 1:54 am

  15. Thanks for answering. I have been trying to look up these 2 things and I keep seeing arthritis associated with them. I am only 23! I was told to be on crutches in a knee immobilizer for 3 weeks. And I have 18 month old twins at home and a new business. I can’t afford to have my knee heal wrong or wait 3 weeks and then do something else. Do you think I should get a second opinion. I have to make sure this heals correctly I have really active kids!

    Comment by erin — March 24, 2009 @ 12:46 pm

    • Usually over time you’re going to see some degree of arthritis with the kind of injury that you’ve described. In terms of treatment, many doctors will recommend debridement (scope procedure) to smooth the cartilage in an attempt to limit the onset of arthritis. Has your doc mentioned that at all?

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — March 24, 2009 @ 7:13 pm

  16. I have a bad bone contusion in my right foot, most of the pain is under my 3rd to 5th toes. It hurts a great deal and lose feeling in my foot at times, which causes pain to my knee. I’ve been to the ER several times. Got an MRI in Jan, but the ER doctor never can give me an anwser. What kind of medication can I take to help with this besides major pain killers? Please help me!

    Comment by Dan — March 26, 2009 @ 5:13 am

    • Dan,

      I’m a little confused in that bone contusions aren’t typically going to cause numbness. Let’s do this; go to and register in our forum. In the forum we can use images to describe conditions and I think we’d be better to try to get to the heart of your problem in the forum.

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — March 26, 2009 @ 5:26 pm

  17. My doctor said nothing about surgery it is still swelling and has been two weeks. I can’t put any weight on that knee it just gives out. I have also seen on some websites tht bone swelling can be caused by a lot of different diseases as well. Should they be testing me for anything? I want to thank you again for taking time to talk to me about this I dont know what to do!

    Comment by erin — March 29, 2009 @ 7:24 am

  18. I rolled over on my ankle almost six weeks ago. Went to my doc a week later, and he thought it was fractured. Sent me for an xray and the ER doc also thought it was a break. Xray showed none. A week later I went for reassessement and my doc sent me for a reassessment xray, which also came back negative. She said all indications where that it is a fracture, but she gave me a note for physio with ?bone contusion on it. I’ve been using ice slush baths and a cane to walk and am finally starting physio tomorrow. My injury is on the top part of my outer ankle, and now I feel a small bump right where the pain is. I will be anxious to see what my physiotherapist says. My doc estimated 12 wks healing – halfways there!

    Comment by Tracey — April 1, 2009 @ 11:16 pm

    • Hi Tracey,

      Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to you. How’s the ankle?

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — May 7, 2009 @ 5:57 am

  19. I really can’t comment on the knee in that I’m a foot and ankle specialist.

    Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — April 3, 2009 @ 12:35 am

  20. About two weeks ago, I started experiencing pain on the side of my right foot, which can only be described as extremely painful electric jolts.
    They just suddenly appeared for a few seconds, disappeared, and then reappeared every couple of minutes. I am a 61 year old male who has experienced many pains in life, but this is by far the worse.
    Suspecting it may be “gout” I immediately stopped drinking beer, or eating beef. However the symptoms were not consistent with gout. There was no visible swelling or redness. The pain disappeared after 24 hours, only to return again 2 days later.
    I had been thinking it was being caused by something systemic, with the foot as the innocent victim.
    Then suddenly one night, after being awakened by the pain, it occurred to me that the foot must be the origin of the pain. But why?
    I hadn’t had any accidents, so I tried to remember if I had dropped anything on the foot lately.
    The answer came as as suddenly as being stepped on by a horse.
    About 4 months ago, I had been attending a local event which featured extremely large dancing horses. One of the riders came over to ask me something, and his horse stepped squarely on my foot, leaving a hoof mark on my shoe and a sore tingling foot inside. It was an extremely cold day, so my foot was already numbed considerably before the incident. I just walked off the pain, and forgot about it (until now!)
    Does this latent experience of pain make any sense to someone knowledgeable of these things.
    At the time of the accident, there was pain and numbness, but no noticeable swelling or discoloration. Why after 4 months would the pain suddenly appear more intense than originally?
    Calcium deposits? Bone spurs? Nerve damage? Stress? Old age? Or all of the above?

    Comment by Ron — April 15, 2009 @ 9:41 pm

    • Hi Ron,

      I’m a bit limited here in the blog by my medical liability coverage. Let’s get you to the right spot for this post. Just copy your post and go to our forum called The Foot Talk Forum. There we can talk a bit in detail. When you do post, let me know whether this is the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) aspect of the foot. I couldn’t pick that up from your post.


      Jeffrey Oster, DPM
      Medical Director

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — April 17, 2009 @ 2:11 am

  21. I had a car accident in the middle of January and my knee hit the dash. Three weeks later, I had an MRI and it shows that I have a deep bone contusion. It is now the middle of May and it seems to be getting worse. I had another MRI last week and the doctor says that it was “normal” but, I can’t put pressure on the knee when straight (because I get a shooting pain), it is still numb in places, the knee buckles when trying to walk and it is still black & blue / swollen. I’m wonder if I should have a second opinion.

    p.s. I have gone to the physical therapist and they were the ones to send me back to the ortho.

    Comment by Stephanie D — May 8, 2009 @ 10:41 pm

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I wish I could comment with a bit of clarity to give you guidance on this injury but I’m a limited in several ways. First, I’m a foot and ankle specialist (DPM) and don’t treat knees. Second, it’s tough to comment without actually seeing the degree of injury on MRI.

      Second opinion? Couldn’t hurt. But it’s all about that comfort zone. If you feel as if you and your doc are communicating well, you may be best to stay with your doc and give the injury a bit of time. If you feel as if you’re doc is communicating poorly with you in regards to the injury, a second opinion certainly couldn’t hurt.

      I wish I could be of more help.

      Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
      Medical Director

      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — May 12, 2009 @ 7:39 am

  22. My 14 year old daughter is a speed skater. She has had MRI’s of both ankles and was told she had a bone contusion on right ankle and the left has inflammation from over compensating for the right. She has the regional competition in less than two weeks. She has three practices and then the race which is two segments of 3-4 minutes. This ankle problem had been a problem for 5 months. How detrimental would it be to allow her to skate the week in a half until after the race? Could she wear the boot and take it off just for the race? I know she will be disappointed because she has worked very hard but in the end her well being is most important.

    Comment by Yvonne — May 14, 2009 @ 5:26 pm

    • Wow, tough call. You hate to miss out on the races after working so hard to get there. But it’s impossible to say how her activity might influence the long term prognosis of the bone contusion.

      You might want to jump into our forum, The Foot Talk Forum and try to track down some posts by a fellow named Dennis. He’s that dad of a 14 y/o competitive figure skater who had an OAT’s procedure done for a talar dome lesion (same thing just a little more advanced in terms of the injury). Dennis is a great guy and might be able to shed a little light on your question. Jump into the forum and search the forum by the search term OCD. I don’t think it’ll take too much to track Dennis down.


      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — May 16, 2009 @ 1:54 am

  23. I have a two year that jumped off the couch and we heard a snap. in a lot of pain and is not puting weight on it at all. took him to the ER and no break they gave him motrin and sent us home. He is in a lot of pain and refuses to waolk on that foot. the pain site is the tibia right above the ankle and ankle and foot tender to the toucha nd if pressure is applied he goes nuts. What are the other steps that we can take to help him heal this leg foot injury that he has? Please help me.

    Comment by Lindsay — June 4, 2009 @ 7:32 pm

    • Hi,

      Sorry that its taken so long to bet back to you. Is your child doing better?

      If a bit of conversation would help, lets get you over to our forum located at


      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — June 16, 2009 @ 9:35 pm

  24. Hi Jeff,
    I was diagnosed through MRI as having severe planters fasciitis although I have no pain in that area of my foot and sciatica effecting my foot from a back injury that seemed to trigger the foot pain as it changed my normal gait. I was also told that I have bone swelling in the calcaneal and tarsal bones.

    After three weeks of rest and physical therapy the pain is increasing (I can barely put weight on it without the pain skyrocketing, can’t even endure the whirlpool pounding on the midfoot to heel)I’m doing the stretches, ice, and short walks as suggested. An additional three weeks of the same was ordered today with the option of cortisone injection.

    Any chance they could be missing something here. I cannot find anything that suggests planters pain should be on the outside and far exterior heel area? And do you think it wise to follow up with a podiatrist instead of general ortho? Very little to no tenderness on the trigger spot for planters. Weird?

    Thanks for the time.

    Comment by donna timney — June 9, 2009 @ 4:47 am

    • Hi Donna,

      Let’s get you over to our forum located at The forum offers a much better way to communicate. Also, the forum has a wealth of information you can search.

      See you there.


      Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — June 16, 2009 @ 9:33 pm

  25. Hi…
    I was in an automobile accident about 3 months ago. I went to the Emergency Room with my right foot black & blue, and swollen. They did x-rays and said it was a contusion in my toes and my foot. They put me in a boot and on crutches for 3 weeks.. The swelling went down, and bruises faded, but the pain is still present. Everyday is a constant pain in my foot, especially if I’m on my feet for a few hours out of the day.. I’m wondering if I should go to the Dr., or wait it out and see if it heals soon??? Help please!

    Comment by Tyranny — July 8, 2009 @ 11:46 am

  26. Hi, I think a simple x-ray will put your mind at ease. There’s a fair chance that there was a stress fracture or injury that was not originally picked up on your initial assessment that would be found with a f/u x-ray.

    Might be worth your while to have it checked out.


    Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — July 8, 2009 @ 7:50 pm

  27. My daughter is 11 years old and a competitive gymnast. Back in January, her ankle was swollen and bruised. Xrays showed no break. After 2 weeks she was still in pain. Went to a sports med dr and he had her in PT for 5 weeks, and no gymnastics for 3 weeks. Still in pain, she went for an MRI. The MRI showed a contusion of the navicular bone. He just recommended no jumping, etc – did not immobilize the ankle or prescribe no activity. It’s been 7 months and she still has pain. Are there more aggressive treatments to help her heal faster?

    Comment by Eryn — July 15, 2009 @ 7:56 pm

    • Hello. I just read your postin. My 10 year old daughter is also a gymnast and was told she had stress reaction on her navicular. We are now going on 3 months of no activity and boot/crutches. How is your daughter? I cannot find a whole lot of info on this type of injury on young children. Please let me know. Thanks.

      Comment by Jen — January 31, 2010 @ 6:17 am

  28. jeff,
    it seems you keep answering the same quesions but one thing i havent seen that i need answered is, about a month ago i hit my ankle with a boat anchor and my ortho told me that it was a contusion, they put me in a cast for 5 weeks. about 2 weeks into that the swelling was getting worse and i was starting to get a purpleish color to my toes ( the only part i could see) the pain is still really bad and when i got my cast off about 2 weeks ago we found my whole foot is extremely discolored and very swollen, more so than when i injured it. im concerned that i should have never been in the cast and now they are talking tissue and nerve damage and im really scared. any thoughts? thanks!

    Comment by BRITTANY — July 16, 2009 @ 12:47 am

  29. Hi Eryn,

    No, there really isn’t. And the best method of getting it to heal is what is most incompatible with activities; rest.

    A friend of mine’s daughter was playing college level volleyball and had a similar injury. She eventually underwent surgery in an attempt to expedite healing. But what really was the solution was when her college career ended. Once she stopped playing, the injury was able to heal.

    Good luck. I wish I could help you more but I think ultimately, the solution may lie in taking 8-12 months off.


    Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — July 16, 2009 @ 9:56 pm

  30. Hi Brittany,

    If the injury was fairly significant, you’re going to see a deep plum color in the skin. Most people get a little freaked out about it when they get under the warm water in the shower. That really tends to darken the area of the healing injury.

    If you want to talk a bit about it, please jump over to our forum at You’ll be able to get a lot more input on the injury there.


    Comment by Jeffrey Oster, DPM — July 16, 2009 @ 10:00 pm

  31. Jeff, I had someone step on my foot with cleats about 2 weeks ago. I went to the ER and the xrays were negative and he said it was just a foot contusion. The swelling went down about 4 days later and the pain got better every day but it’s still tender 2 weeks later?? How long is it going to hurt and is this maybe a slight fracture?? Should I see a specialist??

    Comment by Randy — December 12, 2009 @ 1:35 am

  32. My 10 yr old daughter, who’s in gymnastics had an MRI in Nov. Showed 2/3 of tarsal navicular was swollen. Was put in walking boot for 6 weeks. Dr then out her on crutches NWB with boot. CT scan in Jan. showed no fracture but shows stress reaction. Daughter stills ays hurts. Worried her not using foot/ankle/leg for such a long time and that its not healing. I know this bone takes a while to heal, but isn;t there anything we can do? She is getting dpressed about not being able to do anything. Please help!

    Comment by Jen — January 31, 2010 @ 6:12 am

  33. For those of you having knee contusions and/or edema without remembering an injury to the knee, check out the possibility of having osteoarthritis or even rhuematoid arthritis. I am a 68 year old man and have both types of arthritis and my Rhuematologist told me that these type of knee injuries can be caused by the arthritis. I have torn cartilages and tendons as well in my left knee, also caused only by the arthritis (verified by MRI).

    Comment by Steve Bailey — February 9, 2010 @ 11:30 pm

  34. Hello Sir, I was diagnosed with a bone contusion(MRI) on my foot in Nov 2009. I wore a boot on the foot for six weeks. Since that time I am still experiencing swelling and pain in the foot. I am not able to twist the foot left or right without pain. I also at times have a shooting pain up the front of leg on the injured foot. I want to know what is wrong with my foot and how I can make the pain go away. Thank You!

    Comment by Rocshawn — February 17, 2010 @ 12:19 am

  35. Hi,

    In feburary of 2009 I was diagnosied with Fibromyalagia and secondary hyperparathyroidism. My vit. D level was 11 and my pth was 74. I am now 28 years old, I am obese and I have 3 children. My doctor told me that my bones are very fargile and my bones are very tiny. He has limited my mobility a lot. I can’t stand for long periods, push pull, bend, etc. I have been having problems with my right ankle for a long time now (over 1 year). My doctor first gave me injections in my tendons in my right ankle. Those injections did not help. He finally ordered a MRI. I had that done last monday. It revealed a bone contusion of my left talus bone. MY doctor has put a double sided brace on my leg and has told me to either us cruches or a walker. I tired the cruches and they did not work out for me. I now have a walker with wheels and he told me try and step with my toes in my right foot and to not to put much weight on that foot. I asked him how long I was going to have to use the walker and he said, “I don’t know”. We will check it again in 6wks to see if I am still bleeding in that ankle. The MRI also showed a lot of edema and an effusion. I have been ordered to take 6,000 IU’s of vit. D daily and 800 milligrams of magnesium. My legs constantly hurt when I walked around. I have IBS, post optic neurits in my right eye with some blindness in my center vision, CTR Left hand, and Carpal Tunnel in my right hand too. My question is do you think I will have to have surgery? and how important is it for me to try and stay off my right ankle because like I said earlier I have 3 children ages 9, 4, and 18 months, and I am going to college full time during the day.



    Comment by Melissa — February 21, 2010 @ 7:04 pm

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